Archives for February 2016

Screen-printing available on the NHS

Wow! Wouldn’t it be great if the title of this post was actually true?! But alas, I hate to disappoint you but I even doubt private cover will let you go to craft classes as part of their service, although don’t get me started on that political issue, as I truly believe crafting does have […]

Groan! It’s Valentine’s love fest again

Hello there Yes I’m afraid it is; Valentine’s yet again. Mmmmm, this post might disappoint you though. I’m not about to start saying that you should make some last minute projects for your ‘better half’. I could even give you a long list of possibilities of things to sew. I could link you to my […]

Hip, hip, hooray! Stitchscape’s birthday!

Stitchscape’s first birthday was on February 6th 2016. It was a full year ago that I finally got the keys for the studio. I used to post on Facebook about it all; from colourful glasses, new gadgets and ‘him indoors’ putting tables up. It was all so exciting, yet so scary at the same time. […]

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