Bag lady club

Do you love bags? In other words, have you got a wardrobe full of them; a bag for every occasion and more? Yet never feel like you have enough.

I’ve got news for you.

You’re a definite bag lady!

After showing a photo of that oilcloth globe shopper bag on my Facebook page, I had lots of people saying that they’d like classes on bag making. I love it when people request things like that; it helps me to help you! I then know to get it sorted out and ‘stand and deliver’ so to speak.  I have those Simplicity patterns for sale at the studio, so I will schedule a few of those into the ‘bag making’ bonanza – actually that has quite a good ring to it!  I’m also recommending that book by Debbie Shore – ‘Sew brilliant bags’, so I will also include a few of those patterns – so get on with it and order it now – it’s available on ebay. My mum is currently making the beach bag from there, so I know that the instructions are easy enough to follow. What I particularly like about it too, is that at the beginning it gives you ideas about how to adapt a bag to make it more of what you particularly want it for. My mum for example, has decided that she doesn’t need the outside side pockets, so we just skip that section of the cutting out details.  She’s making hers as a craft bag, so she can bring her sewing things to the studio each week.

There are many different ways of sewing bags from making up the measurements and drawing your own templates, to using plastic templates, to using paper patterns and then there’s also pdf patterns from the internet which invariably need enlarging. Then there are various methods of making a bag firm or soft. There are many ways of structuring the base and sides. There is a world of metal ware you can use. I’ll cover many of those techniques over the various workshops. The idea is that once you’ve attended a few of them, you’ll then be confident in your knowledge to sew exactly the ones you want. Don’t forget that I also have ‘sewcial’ sessions you can use, which let you sew whatever you like and yet get inspired/helped by others too, which is invariably lacking at home. I’ve also asked a tutor to do a full day class making a patchwork messenger bag. I’m hoping that will be at the end of May or June.

They can be such a practical thing to sew yet also be so good to look at. I swear a lot of us would make our own shoes too if we could have leather manipulating machinery at home! Not sure ‘him indoors’ would run with that somehow. Making your own slippers is fun though but that’s for another post altogether!

This post serves as a bit of a ‘heads-up’ really to get your creative juices flowing ready for the bag lady club (yes, I think I’ll run with that; it’s fun!). Keep your eye on the Facebook page and Twitter but if you don’t like looking at them, make sure that you’re signed up to get my emails and always keep an eye on the workshop page of this website.  There’s a quick way of getting onto the email list on the top right hand side of this page – you get a free pattern for an ipad stand when you sign up too. Can’t be bad!

See you in one of the workshops, with or without your own handmade slippers!



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