Getting on down with jersey

Hello there It’s high time I got round to putting posts on my blog, rather than just putting everything on the Facebook page. No time like the present. This post is about the drapey cardi I made this week. I’ve made it because I like the look of it and I do love wearing jersey, […]

Testing out a new widget

Hello everyone Please bare with me. This post is all about me trialling out various techy things which are available to me. I’m way behind with the website and blog but since I’m attending the three day craft fair at Trebaron Garden Centre, only giving myself a couple of weeks’ notice, that has taken precedence. […]

We’re so so close

Hello Β It’s about high time I started putting blog posts on this ‘ere site. There’s tonnes of work going on in the background to get the studio up and running. I’m certainly having an adventure meeting all sorts of different people and doing things I never thought I would be doing. All exciting mixed in […]


Hello and welcome all you gorgeous sassy stitchers! ….. what do you mean, you’ve never thought of yourself as sassy?! Start now! πŸ™‚     This is my very first post on this brand new blog of mine, so please accept the very simple nature and probably tonnes of mistakes. I set myself the target […]

A practise post which went wrong

This was my very very first WordPress post but it went wrong clearly. All that is attached, somehow or other are the comments for the next post I did called 16. I don’t want to lose those comments at this stage, i.e January 2015   Things can only get better! Stay tuned πŸ™‚

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