Christmas open day

I’ve been promoting a few things this week and this open day is one of them. It’s a great time of year for get-togethers, so I’m having one too.

The extra good news for you – It’s FREE!

Stitchscape’s first Christmas – awwww 😉

On Sunday November 29th I’ll open up the doors at 10a.m to bright sunshine and lots of enthusiastic, happy sew-a-holics. Yes, I know, I might struggle with the sunshine bit but hey, a girl can try! You’ll be able to see what’s what in there and have a chat with me about your particular interests and how the stStitchscape's Cricut machine to be used at the open dayudio can fit your needs. Whilst we’re doing that, I can be cutting out any name/word you like on my Cricut die-cutting machine. It cuts non-washed cotton fabric, which makes getting names cut out to appliqué onto Christmas stockings and any other gifts, so much easier than by hand. There’ll also be templates for you to use to draw around and cut out your fabric, so that you could make a stocking there and then, if you can manage without too assistance, as I expect to be busy on the Cricut but you never know who else’ll be there and perhaps able to help you.

There’ll also be some fabric on sale, if you don’t get a chance to buy any beforehand. Prettiful-fabrics are supplying fat-quarter bundles in Christmassy designs, so that you can make a stocking on the day. Don’t worry if you don’t have time for that but at least you know now that it will be available. The stocking design I have is very easy and yet alongside the appliqué words and good fabric, you can really  make your stocking special and so individual, which is one of the key reasons alot of people sew projects. To make something which is ‘your’ creation is a fab feeling and the people you give your gifts to will feel that too. It doesn’t have to be hugely difficult, it just has to have thought behind it, to make it ‘pop’.

Tickets are available here. The event is free but if you book on there, you’ll receive a reminder 48 hours beforehand and it gives me more of an idea of how many people to expect. It’s always hard to know how many people will attend these events, so if you could help out by doing that, I’d really appreciate it.Christmas open day at Stitchscape - sew a stocking

I held a craft day alot earlier in the year and that was a lot of fun. I’ll have a few little activities set up as well as the stockings but they will be the focus. Yet again this time, all funds raised by the refreshments and the raffle will go to the ‘Together for short lives’ charity. It’ll be my last event for them, as I choose a different charity each year. Please do click on that link to get more information about them. Some of us lead very lucky lives health wise but these poor children and their families need alot of support. I can only do a little but every little helps.

Got any questions? Want to know more? Give me a call on 01925 291953 or pop me an email on

If not, all you need to do now is pop this event on your calendar and come along for a couple of fun hours learning more about this ‘sewing place’ you have on your doorstep.

Diane x

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