Creative connections in the last week – August 5th to 14th

Yet again another brilliant week in the life of the studio but this week it involves connections outside the studio too. So without further ado, let’s crack on and nail this blog post. You have stitching to do!


This is a ‘week that was’ post but I’ve called it ‘creative connections’, as this past week has somehow been such a successful one. Maybe it’s the new moon, maybe it’s in the water, maybe because it’s summer time and people are doing allsorts of fun things with their family and friends. Whatever it is, I’m hoping to bottle it and keep it going all year round, which invariably is the case. Some weeks just seem to feel more connected than others. It surprised me as my family is undergoing a period of limbo, as we wait for my daughter’s A level results on August 17th. We went to Crosby on the Monday together and had a great day. We like a giggle in the sun and on the beach.

Crosby beach August 2017

Saturday August 5th

I held the first of the beginner’s sewcials. These will be great for you if you think you’ll feel nervous of joining in sewcials with regular sew-a-holics. Maybe you need time to build up your experience and confidence. If you fancy joining in with this, then email me on and we can see about helping you to join in with the fun. There’s a maximum of 6 in each session, so it’s a nice amount of people to provide inspiration and help but not too many, where you’ll disappear into the woodwork. There was only Nicola at this first one. The next session is on September 2nd; where I’m hoping to meet Madeline too.

I hadn’t met Nicola before but we got on really well and talked alot but she also got a few ideas and got some projects done which she has been meaning to do for ages but needed some motivation and help to get started. We worked together to create the button design on the tote bag and she also had a kit to make hanging hearts and she made one of those ( I made some too, as they do make fabulous thank you presents) and had every intention of making more at home. I suggested them as presents but she said she liked hers too much to give away – like it! Pride in what you create is a cool feeling. Nicola also found some fabric which she may well use to make a project for the Escapee Guild too!

Butterfly voile material Hanging hearts as thank you gifts

Tuesday August 8th

The Stitch and Natter group were in charge during the day. Five ladies were this for this session. They’re a well established group now and just crack on with their various projects whilst helping with life issues, sewing hassles such as constant needle breaks on one project, sharing good news about holidays and generally just really enjoying being around each other. I just float like a butterfly around the studio taking it all in. Well, I’m not quiet enough to be a butterfly but hey, it’s a nice image to have in my head. I didn’t take anywhere near enough photos since I was being a butterfly! That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! Here is a photo of Tracey’s strip pieced quilt in progress and Christine’s machine embroidered caravan.

Tracey's strip pieced quilt in progress                machine embroidered caravan by Christine

Olive the dress mannequin


The evening session saw just Debbie but she did bring along Olive for us to sort out. She’s been rather unruly and won’t keep her measurements. We managed to get her to cooperate. Finally! She’s quite the free spirit but everyone respects everyone in the studio, no matter what crazy outfits they choose to wear.



Thursday August 10th

I’ve been holding Thursday sewcials for a while now but I think Christine will agree that this one was a definite step in the right direction for what we aim to do in them. Christine has come to lots where it’s been just her or her and mum and bless her she still enjoys her day, I’m so glad to say. But this one had a few regulars to the studio involved but they hadn’t been to a sewcial before; just one to one sessions.

They were all a bit wary I’m sure, as to how everyone would get on but no need to worry, it was brilliant! Nattering, sewing, organising days out, infact organising holidays was also discussed. Belinda is off to America later in the year, so we were giving her suggestions for fabric shops to visit and we warned her that we may be giving her shopping lists. Susan’s wall hanging is now finished ready for her silver wedding anniversary, so she was ‘trimmed’ with that too.

Susan's silver wedding anniversary wall hanging Christine's lap quilt in progress

I didn’t get photos of Belinda’s skirt in progress or mum’s piped cushion covers (almost done) but here’s hoping they forgive me my failings. It’s impossible to capture everything. I don’t believe everything needs capturing. The best enjoyment comes from actually just being there; not so much in the reading about it. After saying that, I do see great value in sharing some of the experience with you, to help you see what fun can be had at these sewcials.

Festival of Quilts

On the Friday I went to the festival with a few ladies who are in the Finish-a-long group. I could write a whole post on what a great time I had. I just wish I could go for more days, as it’s on for four but I have only ever managed one day. Next year is the year! Here’s a photo of one of my favourite exhibits. Wish it were mine! Also wish I had the name of the creator to give him/her the full credit for their creativeness but in my excitement, I forgot. If you know, please do get in touch and let me know and then I can edit this post to make sure I include it.

back of a coat displayed at festival of quilts 2017 coat displayed at festival of quilts 2017

August 12th

Another Finish-a-long meeting, as July’s had been held later in the month due to my holiday. I know! I’m a pain needing a break every now and again! Maxine was unable to come due to a previously booked event but the 5 of us had a wonderful day, full to the brim of chatter and sharing our makes. There were also some beautiful ‘show and tells’ and stories of the Festival. Connections? Creative? Oh yes indeed! Here’s the tiniest snippet from the day.

Linda's hand made hexagons

What a week! And that’s not it all! I need a lie down just remembering it all 🙂

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