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Creativity with circles wall hangingWell this is going to be interesting. I’m meant to be writing a post about my creative process and my sewjo has jacked up and left me recently. That dirty scoundrel has run off with inspiration and motivation and I bet they’re having a complete blast of a good time, without me! Brill! Now what?!

How can I write about how I create, when I don’t feel that I have the energy to type, let alone be free enough to create? What I’m hoping is that by joining in with Poppy and Poochie’s link-up project on creativity  that I will catch up with my ‘flow’ and grab a firm hold on it, so that it doesn’t escape again too quickly. It had better get a move-on as I have the modern quilter’s quild September meet-up on Friday and then Jenny Haynes is running a workshop on her sunflower quilt, which is curved piecing mainly. That’ll be great won’t it? Me, the host, being flat as a pancake!?…not!

That’s one of the main pressures on my creativity these days; that pressure to run the business first and then create after. I’ve had the studio since February 2015, so it’s not that new but the whole ‘running a business’ thing is new to me. These creative businesses are always a tricky thing. You so love to create and for me, I so want to create a sewing community around myself but you have to pay the bills still and the studio does cost me £600 a month. There are some changes required though, as I’m not having this businessy shit taking over my life and destroying the very thing which gives me joy. I may just have to accept that getting people to join in that community around here isn’t possible, as so much happens online for people where they don’t have to leave the house and meet scary people like me!

“How does that link to the subject here Diane?” Is that what you’re thinking? Well, ‘chill your beans’ and let me explain.

We all have pressures on our lives. I am NOT alone there. I have people telling me all the time that they can’t come to classes for a while pile of reasons. They tell me that they haven’t sewn in years, as life takes them away to other stuff. They say that having kids made it impossible to create. They say that the boiler was playing up, so they didn’t have time to do anything last week. I’m whinging that the businessy/techy side of the studio takes me away from the creative side. We all do it.

We all stop ourselves creating/being creative.

We all give ourselves excuses.

We all suffer as a result.

We all lose that joy that creativity brings.

We become stale.

We believe that our creative process takes hours and hours and we can’t possibly fit it in between picking the kids up from school, cooking tea and bathing them.

No.Allow creativity to flow

Our creative process is always there. In the waiting room of my minds. Ready for action.

It’s who we are. That’s why it’s always there.


My creative process requires me to focus on it. I may have 10 minutes. I may have 4 hours. Whatever I have. I need to focus on it and accept and enjoy it. Once I give myself permission to do that, it flows so much easier. Boy, that sounds easy but so isn’t sometimes! Once you do that it can open the door of the waiting room and come into view.

Open that door!

There are things we can do to encourage the door of the waiting room to be always open too. Pip Lincolne wrote a great book called ‘Craft for the Soul’ which gives us good ideas about how to squeeze it in and do things which encourage it to be easier for us.

Weekend bargello wall hanging project for sewing retreat in Cheshire 2016

My sample bargello which I designed using V and Co. ombre fabrics. I loved the process it took me through.

Working in the sewing world, as I do, puts that creativity under very high expectations from people, and it’s fairly shy and isn’t keen on all that attention sometimes. so chooses to run off and play with his other friends motivation and inspiration. I daily have to sit back. Take a breath. Listen to children playing in their garden. Walk out in the sun. Smile. Tell myself that all is well.  Everything is workout-able. Doing things like that help me to collect myself.

To free myself up.

Take that pressure off.

Yes, you can play (oops, work ) on that project today. You are allowed.

You are worthy of your own time.

Then the flow happens. Then the real smiles happen. Then I create in my way.

That’s the joy!

I could talk about this all day as I feel so passionately about it but I’ll spare you, for now.

I’m off to breathe in deeply. Sigh. Roll my shoulders and open the waiting room door. This post has helped.

I hope it helps you too. Go on. Give yourself permission for the creativity to come out of the room and then the process will flow.

Diane x

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