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Finish-a-long club

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This is a subscription club for sew-a-holics who want to make a commitment to finishing off sewing projects in 6 months.
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This club is for you if you’re a sew-a-holic and really want to focus on finishing certain sewing projects within the first six months of the year. There will be one meeting a month, on a Saturday, 10-4, where we can meet-up and inspire each other with our remaining projects, especially if your ‘sew-jo’ has upped and left! In January, you write down all the projects you intend on finishing by the end of June and you set-to getting started on them. You may just have one large one or you may have several which you really do need to get finished for whatever reason. The projects I have in mind are ones which have been sitting around the studio since it opened (two years in February!) and longer and it annoys me that they’re still not done. There are allsorts of reasons why they don’t get done but usually it’s just life gets in the way of our sewing. We do all lead very busy lives and sometimes it’s very difficult to get everything done that we want to. The only way to get those sewing projects actually sewn is to set an intention to do them and then set aside time for that to happen. Don’t overstretch yourself; be realistic but also don’t let it be too easy and then not interesting.

The membership also includes a closed group on Facebook, where we can support and encourage each other in between each monthly get-together. We’ll also set up a hashtag for use on Instagram, as that is where I saw about all the online finish-a-longs. They inspired me to create this club, to allow for real face-to-face support too.

On July 1st we’ll have a show of all the projects and invite people to come to check out your fab finishes. It’s so good for others to be inspired by what you achieved by focusing on what’s important to you. You have to admit, it is also an extra incentive to get those projects ‘in the bag’ and looking good for your friends and family to see them ‘in the flesh’. We all love a bit of praise for our hard work.

There’ll be prizes along the way as well, to keep you motivated and having a giggle too with any luck.

There has to be a minimum of 6 people subscribed to make this project really work successfully, so come on. That’s not many people at all yet the difference we can make for each other is huge. Are you seriously thinking of getting help to finish that quilt or that coat or the lace earrings and what about that Christmas project which you’ve been meaning to do for the last 6 years?! Do it! We can all help each other. Sew-a-holics can be the most encouraging and inspirational people around. I want a part of that friendship and connection. Do you?

Click on the specifications tab to see the exact dates I have set into my planner for the FAL days. You might not be able to make each one but having the dates ‘up front’ allows you a better opportunity to slot them into your diary too and prioritize some ‘me time’.

If you have any questions, please do pop me a line at and we’ll get this thing sorted.

The Saturdays for the meet-ups will be:
January 14th 10-4
February 11th 10-4
March 11th 10-4
April 8th 10-4
May 13th 10-4
June 10th 10-4

Show date: July 1st 10-4.

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