Escapee guild creative challenge – need some hygge?

Are you an escapee in the making?

Escapee guild creative challenge - spring

Do you love sewing because it gives you ‘down time’? Does it let you be an escapee from the daily humdrum? Try this new, real escapee guild challenge to provide some hygge for yourself.

This idea was presented to me last week and I loved it straight away. It involves no pressure. Providing us all the opportunity for ‘down-time’. It lets us do what we want to do. You can do it wherever you want to; on the sofa; on the beach; in your she-shed?! This is for you.

Is patchwork your thing? Or maybe you prefer applique? Possibly you fancy having a small go at that free-motion malarkey. Are you a whizz kid at hand embroidery?


What’s this hygge thing?

Hygge (pronounced hoogah) is a Danish word to describe a whole pile of comforting and relaxing things, such as candles, fireplaces, hot chocolate, apple pie with icecream, a view of a sunny landscape etc I often find hygge when I get ‘lost in myself’ just sewing. I will just be totally focused on those stitches and the pretty fabric. That wavy line I might be stitching is all I will be thinking about. I won’t be worried about my daughter or paying the rent. Nothing else matters but that very close environment around me and the sewing. That comforts and inspires me and the word hygge encapsulates that feeling. I get and we all can get hygge in many different ways but that is one way I get it and I love it!

Ok, Diane, I’m interested. Now what?

Now you just need to read on and make sure that you allot yourself time once or twice a month before the middle of June 2017 and create a Spring project which matches the guidelines below. That actually is the hardest part for alot of women – actually giving themselves permission to do their own stuff – not looking after kids, parents, partners or work – just doing stuff we enjoy, on our own maybe too!

What are the rules?

There are only minimum guidelines, which I hope you will find helpful, rather than frustrating. We all need some sort of framework to feel ‘safe’ in and the hygge feeling is definitely a place you like to feel secure in.

Guidelines for the escapee guild creative challenge

As long as your project meets those guidelines, it can be whatever you choose. Will all four challenges go up on your wall? Will you give each one as a gift? No matter just now. The important thing is just taking the small step of perhaps getting a piece of 8in x 10in fabric and seeing where it takes you.

Open day

As you can see in the guidelines, the theme for the first challenge is Spring. There will be an open day at the end of each challenge. The first one will be at the studio on June 25th, where the projects will be put on show. This will give you the chance to see how everyone else interpreted the challenge and give you a chance to chat with our people who love doing what you do too. We’re a friendly bunch and don’t bite! Join in the fun (and cake!) and celebrate the success of giving yourself some hygge and meeting new fun folk. There will be two fabric shops there with stands, if you want to buy some nice stuff and I’ll have some haberdashery things and sewing kits available for sale too. A lovely sunday afternoon out.

I can’t think of what to do

If you want to get some inspiration or make sure that you give yourself time to do at least the Spring challenge, get in touch –  and you can come to a few ‘sewcial’ sessions at the studio. If we get enough interest, I can set aside a definite session each month especially for this challenge. But if you don’t get in touch and ask the question, I’m not a mind reader!

Go on. You know you want to!

Diane x

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