Escapee guild wall hanging sleeve tutorial

In order to complete your Escapee Guild challenge wall hanging, you do whatever what you fancy on the front. Please visit the original blog post which explains all the details if you haven’t heard about it before.

Here are a couple of examples from the Spring 2017 challenge.

A spring entry into the Escapee Guild challenge A spring entry into the Escapee Guild challenge







A tutorial showing you one way to create a hanging sleeve

Then when you’ve had lots of fun creating that 8 x 10inch (20 x 25cm) wall hanging, you need to create a sleeve on the back piece, so that I can display it at the studio on an open day. The first one is on June 25th 2017. Free entry. Please do come along and have a look around and a natter with studio users, who can tell you what it’s like being a part of this great community. Not sure what a ‘sewcial’ means? Come along and either I or some of the ladies can explain it all for you, much better than a blog post of mine can do.

Tutorial showing you how to add a sleeve to your Escapee Guild challenge wall hanging

Use a piece of fabric which is 8 inches wide by at least 6inches high.







Create seams at each side edge.  It should then not be wider than 7inches,  as you need to consider the seams which will be sewn when you stitch the front to the back. You don’t want the sleeve being involved in that at all.

Fold it in half with seams on the outside. Make sure the raw edges line up at the top.






Sew a narrow seam along the top edge.






Turn the sleeve inside out. Press.

Place the sleeve onto the right side of the back of your wall hanging fabric. Ensure that it is also centralised vertically. You don’t want it anywhere near the seam allowance  you have allowed yourself at the top











Using either hand stitching (ladder stitch) or machine stitching, sew the sleeve onto the back piece of fabric. Sew very close to both the top and bottom edges. Make sure you don’t sew along the two side edges, or I won’t be able to insert a rod through the sleeve to hang it!









Done! Now your back fabric is ready to be sewn to the front, all as one piece.

Tutorial for how to add a sleeve to the back of a wall hanging

Of course that’s an orange juice to assist in the final stages!







Complete the wall hanging.

Now you can add your back in whichever way you have chosen. Perhaps you’ll sew the front to the back with right sides together, leaving a small gap to turn it inside out and then seal the opening. Or perhaps you’re going to sandwich your pieces together and add binding around the edges. Perhaps you don’t have the time or knowledge or interest in doing that, so you’re leaving your edges raw, perhaps just trimmed with pinking shears. You choose. It’s your project after all. We just want to see it to be inspired and hear you talking about it hopefully and telling us how you really enjoyed the time out from the humdrum.

Start thinking of what you fancy trying for the next challenge

Each challenge is 3 months long, so there’s no drastic rush. If you have a bad day, spend some time thinking of a fun way you want to create your next wall hanging. It is a great feeling to just think about colourful fabric and how you’re going to stitch some together to make a pretty/cool/fun project for yourself or for a gift.

Are you worth your own time?

Hopefully you have the right answer to that. This doesn’t have to take hours and hours. Unless you want it to!

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