The Finish-a-long sewing club has one vacancy.



The poster and the title say it all. There’s just one spot available in our Finish-a-long club. It’s a small sewing club of normally 6 of us. One lady can’t do the next batch of 6 sessions. We’ve all found the first batch to be so helpful in motivating us to get some of our projects done and dusted. We support and encourage each other and help out if necessary.

Sewing club in Newton-le-Willows, Cheshire


Click on the poster to be transported to the ‘shop’ page, which gives you much more information. If you can only manage one day a month of sewing and need some motivation and perhaps accountability, pop me an email or use the contact page and we’ll see about making it happen. Once you commit to the block of sessions, you can either pay £15 monthly for the 6 months or you can be done with the payment and do it now for £90.  That commitment can help you put your focus on your sewing and not get waylaid on other family/work/life stuff.

Is this club for you?

Yes, if you have loads and loads (and possibly tonnes) of unfinished stitchy projects. It’s starting to feel like a burden. That huge pile of fabric, most of it partially sewn up in various projects. Or maybe you have yours stuffed into drawers. Maybe, that way, you can’t physically see it but you know it’s there staring at you through the cracks!

Yes, if you can’t find your sew-jo anywhere. The motivation is hard to find to do some sewing on your existing projects. That means that you definitely can’t face starting yet another new project. If you buy anymore fabric, the floorboards may well give in altogether. You do know though how much you usually enjoy playing with pretty fabrics and thread, so you know you need help from some stitchy folk.

Yes, if noone in your friends and family like sewing. What’s wrong with them?!

No, if you don’t enjoy sharing your projects, giving inspiration and having a giggle with other sewaholics once a month.

No, this isn’t the right place for you if you’re on a mission to completel 100 ‘perfect’ sewing projects in the 6 months and can’t have anyone distract you from that goal.

Yes indeedy if you want some new friends, who actually love talking about seam allowances and will just giggle with you when you start talking to your sewing machine.

Join a sewing club in Cheshire

Well? Why are you still sat there by your laptop?

Make a move to help yourself get back to that sewing which adds so much enjoyment to your life. I’m here to help you get ‘back on it’.


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