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Teens sewing lessons in Merseyside, Cheshire, LancashireThat’s right. You read correctly! I’m being mega brave and letting ‘the teens’ in! Since I’m the mum to a girl who has been one for almost 5 years now, maybe my bravery level has increased. I’ve set up some dates in August to ‘test the waters’. I know that’s big holiday season but not everyone will be away. I’m sure there’ll be 5 or 6 teens free one day a week, who haven’t left for sunnier climes.


Those dates and times are:

Wednesday August 10th – 10 to 2 – technology

Tuesday August 16th – 10 to 2 – Around your room

Wednesday August 24th 10 to 2 – presents for young kids

Wednesday August 31st 10 to 2. – cuddlies – really?!

The cost of each session is £25. But if your teen knows that she/he loves sewing and has a friend who wants to join in, they could book on all 4 for just £150 for the two teens. Yes that’s right. That’s a crackin’ discount! £50 saving to be precise. That way you save lots of money, the teens get to relax and do fun stuff together and I get reassurance that the sessions will have good attendance, with teens enjoying making a whole range of things in an environment where they can get lots of help and encouragement. Even if you don’t have any friends or family who enjoy sewing, then £25 is still a very reasonable price for 4 hours of support and guidance in a bright and colourful space, amongst other teens who do enjoy it.Personalised quilt cover for teens to make



Personalised quilt cover for teens to make

These sessions are meant to be fun, yet something you can learn alot from. I know how ‘rad’ is that?! …. ok, ok teens, no more ‘senior trying to be hip’ comments from me or my daughter will cringe more than you I suspect. I’ve allowed four hours, so that there’s time to relax. I find with the two hour sessions I normally do, it’s quite tight getting everything I want into the time. But adults have different time pressures and demands on them than teens. I want the students to really use their creativity. I’ll spark them off with the inspiration of the ‘theme’ but that could be taken anywhere they like. For me, the technology theme suggests making a phone charger holder for example. Perhaps  a teen will want to use technology to make something e.g designs with machine embroidery or printing a photo onto fabric and incorporating it into something they want to wear or use or just display.

Felt houses for teens to make                                                      Birthday card using fabric for teens to make                                                            Cotton Bird hanger project for teens to create

If you can just afford the one session, I’m hoping that the four hours will be plenty long enough to get their project completed, so that the teen leaves feeling happy with the time spent at the studio and a sense of achievement. If the sessions are well attended and enjoyed, I’ll set up more for the half term as well, so perhaps your teen can do another session then.

You don’t even have to worry about a machine, as we have brand new Janome 301’s available for hire at the studio, for only £3 a day. If your teen has never used one. Well, now’s their chance. It’ll just mean that their projects may have to be made easier for them.

Sewing machine hire at the sewing studio

Any questions or to just book your teen onto the class, pop me an email at and we’ll get it sorted.

For now, here’s some FAQS.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

There is a bus stop almost right outside the studio on Southworth Road and Arriva buses run regularly on the route.

There is a car park next to the building. Stitchscape takes no responsibility for your vehicle whilst parked there. You enter the building from Southworth Road, through the front door. Press the number 2 button next to the door and the door will be opened for you. 

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No, I will have a record of who is attending each event or you could show me your Eventbrite ticket on your phone. 

What is the refund policy?

All refunds are discretionary, unless the event is cancelled by Stitchscape. No refunds though will be given unless a minimum of seven days’ notice is provided. The tutor’s time is non-refundable and this needs to be considered. 

Are refreshments provided?

Yes indeed; tea/coffee and soft drinks and biscuits/sweets are provided. Any particular requirements with speciality teas and milk will need to be provided by you though. There is a small kitchen across the hall from the studio, so very convenient for when you’re feeling parched after a heavy batch of stitching. You could keep any sandwiches/snacks in the fridge too. If you come to a full day event, Trebaron garden centre has a large cafe and is just across the road. 

Do you provide sewing machines? 

You need to provide your own sewing machine. This is the best way, as each machine has it’s own quirky ways and knowing your own machine, helps your sewing skills along quite alot. I do suggest getting your machine serviced regularly by a professional such as R.Bullock & Son in Wigan. If your machine has been left dormant for long periods, allsorts of problems can arise. There are six sewing machines and three Janome overlockers you can hire for the session at a cost of £3 per machine, if you haven’t got a machine yet or yours is playing up. Please also bring your own fabric, thread, pins and any tools you need for the project you’re completing. There are machine needles, basic threads, bobbins and pins available to buy though if you do forget. There are rulers, cutting mats, rotary cutters, scissors and basic haberdashery available but if you bring your own, you won’t have to wait at all. There is also a Sizzix Big Shot machine with some Bigz dies if you need to use that for doing applique or patchwork cutting. I also have a Cricut die cutting machine which has endless possibilities for cutting shapes out of cotton if required – this needs to be arranged beforehand.

Is Wi-fi available?

Yes. This is perfect for watching any Youtube videos together or for putting our own tutorial videos onto Youtube or the website. It also means that you can stay in touch with everyone, whilst you spend hours stitching at the studio. You can also snap a photo of your latest creation and get it ‘out there’ onto social media networks immediately, so everyone can praise your skills. 


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