Groan! It’s Valentine’s love fest again

Hello there

Machine embroidery love heart hanger with sweets

Valentine's feathery love heart mug rugValentine's feathery love mug rug

Yes I’m afraid it is; Valentine’s yet again.

Mmmmm, this post might disappoint you though. I’m not about to start saying that you should make some last minute projects for your ‘better half’. I could even give you a long list of possibilities of things to sew. I could link you to my Pinterest board and do all those helpful stitchy type stuff.

Naaaa. That’s not me. That’s not my style. I don’t think you want that either. All that would do, would be to stress you out, as you start to feel ‘not worthy’ as you haven’t made anything special. Perhaps it’d inspire you to rush to your fabric stash and abandon all else and get sewing. That’ll be fab…. if… (there’s always an ‘if’ isn’t there?!) you have the time, energy and health; no kids, no job, no dogs and a housekeeper to allow you to do such last minute tasks. Fill your boots if you can but just think on.

Hadn’t you planned to have the day out with the family tomorrow? Didn’t you tell your other half that you’d both help out and clean the bathroom, so that’s one less job for shoving into your already busy week? You disappearing to make a hanging heart, really won’t promote the caring/loving atmosphere this weekend is meant to evoke, will it?

No, that’s not what I’m suggesting. What I’m suggesting is to get your nicest pair of knickers on. No? Well, how’s about you wear those lovely new trousers that you haven’t worn yet, as you haven’t been out for ages? Just wear them around the house. Add a touch of lippy on.

“Why?” I suspect you’re thinking. “Is Diane suggesting that I try to look sexy for my other half? I really don’t feel like that”

No that’s not it at all.

Do it for you. Not for him/her. Do it to make you feel different. Add a spark to your day. Make you feel special. Give you a lift. I’ve been wearing make-up this week. Just some Bare Minerals which I got for Christmas and hadn’t really worn yet. I’ve been wearing it during the day. Even mascara! AND lippy! That’s going some for me, as I normally don’t wear any at all, other than lip balm. It’s worked. It’s helped me feel better, despite my bad back.

There’s a song out at the minute which has lyrics along the lines of ‘if you think you’re that beautiful, go love yourself’. That makes loving yourself seem awful and arrogant.

The ‘love for yourself’ that I’m suggesting is just you being gentle on yourself really. Cut yourself some slack. Step back. Breathe slower. It’s a really old adage but once you love yourself, it’s so much easier for you to love others and for them to love you.

Try it. You might even like it.


p.s then feel free to go sew something fun and show us all over on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or maybe you made your project weeks ago. You can show off and tell us all to get organised next year! 😉

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