Hip, hip, hooray! Stitchscape’s birthday!

Stitchscape’s first birthday was on February 6th 2016.A birthday cake made out of fabric

It was a full year ago that I finally got the keys for the studio.

Stitchscape studio before opening

How cool and also how scary! All this space for sewing and friends new

I used to post on Facebook about it all; from colourful glasses, new gadgets and ‘him indoors’ putting tables up. It was all so exciting, yet so scary at the same time. It still is really.

Setting up Stitchscape sewing studio in Newton-le-Willows                 Mugs with buttons on                Stenstorp table used as fabric cutting table                   New gadgets for a new business

Oh what a lot has happened in that year. I’ve met such a lot of lovely women who totally ‘get’ the sewcial side of the business which so appeals to me. I’ve always believed that I could offer every sewing project in the book at the studio but it still might not appeal to you but if you can come and join in with other sew-a-holics and sew whatever you choose, that has such huge possibilities for you and me.

Thing is. I love to sew too. I want to be inspired by your projects too. I want to help you out if you get stuck. I’d LOVE you to help me out when I get in a tizzy over a project. I might run a sewing studio but here’s another thing. Nobody knows everything. I’m learning every day and it’s fab! I don’t want to know everything; I don’t fancy perfection; I much rather progress and having fun whilst making that progress.

In this first year, individuals have been to sewcials or workshops. The Sewcialist group from Liverpool meet here monthly. A new event at the studio is the machine embroiderers monthly meet-up. Celia Banks from Sew Fundamental has people coming to her dress fitting classes in the studio, all the way from Bangor, North Wales!

One of my workshops was promoted in the British Patchwork & Quilting magazine –

Stitchscape's article in the December 2015 Patchwork and Quilting magazine

I was featured in an article in the Woman magazine too, as well as me turning 50 in the July!

Stitchscape in the Woman magazine

I’ve even had Alex Veronelli,of Aurifil fame, liking an Instagram re-post of mine ; a small yet fun thing which just happened as I write this post.

Has it all been glamorous photo-shoots? Has it all been one success after the other? Er, no. Sometimes I only have one person in a workshop and yet that person comes to the studio for some company. That’s not great for the customer but hey, you get alot of my teaching time when that happens and we get to know each other better. You also get to make the most of the bright and colourful space and some tools of the trade which you don’t have at home. All the space! Instead of being cramped up on the dining room table or the back bedroom, like I used to do. So, there’s no suffering being done; just enjoyment. Not every class is like that either and word of mouth seems to be working with many more enquiries and customers now.

Have I spent what feels like zillions of hours doing this website and all other internetty communication stuff? You betya I have! This is all very very normal for a brand new business run by someone without any prior business training. It’s all part of this journey I’m on and I love the time I spend in there either sewing away or doing buisnessy type stuff. ‘My happy place’ as the hanging says in the studio, which my daughter bought me for Mother’s Day last year.

People ask me if I’m glad I did it, despite how scary I say it is and how much money goes into it. I reply “you only need to regret the stuff you don’t get to do, not the stuff you do try”. The whole thing has bought so much to me personally; the image my daughter has of me; the way ‘him indoors’ has seen a new side to me and the surprise it gave to everyone else involved in my life.

No regrets and everything to look forward to.

Here’s a video I did for everyone, expressing my excitement at celebrating Stitchscape’s first year and also my gratitude for everyone who has been involved in that year.

Hope that you get to come join me in the ride. Pop over to this ‘link’ to subscribe to the newsletter and get a FREEBIE pattern for a tablet stand at the same time. There’s also going to be a survey in this week’s edition, giving you the opportunity to let me know what you think of the show so far and offer up any suggestions/ideas you have for the year ahead. What’s not to love?!

Take care out there and I’ll see you soon.

Diane x

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