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It’s high time I got round to putting posts on my blog, rather than just putting everything on the Facebook page.

No time like the present.

This post is about the drapey cardi I made this week. I’ve made it because I like the look of it and I do love wearing jersey, so thought I’d give it a go. It’s been quite some time since I sewed with it – about 20 years to be honest and I’ve never sewn with spandex I don’t think but that won’t stop me. It’s also in preparation for the ‘workshop’ next week on May 2nd. It’s a full Saturday class to give you plenty of opportunity to get as  much done as possible. I used a Miy Workshop pattern, as I’ve been following Wendy’s page/blog for a while and read about her on various sewing forums quite regularly and she writes for ‘Love Sewing’ magazine.

Miy workshop drapey cardi pattern I bought some fairly cheap cotton/spandex mix fabric, as to be honest, that’s how I like to approach many new patterns; I try them out on cheap fabric first, so that it’s no great deal if I make a mistake or struggle to understand the pattern.

The only mistake I made was a cutting error, which could happen with any fabric of course. It was my own fault for being tight with the amount of fabric I’d bought. I had two main colours I wanted to use and had hoped to make the neck band in the secondary colour(pink) too but before checking that that was possible, I cut everything out of the main colour and then found that there wasn’t enough of the pink, so I had to squeeze the neck band piece out of two pieces of purple, rather than one long continuous piece. No biggie. I just sewed them together and since I was doing a smaller seam allowance than given in the pattern, everything still fitted together brilliantly.

Miy workshop drapey cardi pinned sleeves

It all just fits together so smoothly and since I used

Stitch selector for jersey fabric stitch 11 on my machine and a proper jersey needle, it sewed beautifully. I did stitch alot slower than I do normally and pinned the fabric together like they were going out of fashion (which I am very naughty about usually). I think the reason a 1.5cm seam allowance is given is that the closer you got to the edge of the fabric, the more it had a tendency to slip under the presser foot and crinkle/budge up. I made my allowances alot narrower than that, so had to make sure that I steered clear of the edge of the fabric, or else!

Decorative stitches on the drapey cardi  Another adaptation of the pattern I made was to sew the front neck band pieces along the bottom with some decorative scallop stitches and I did a few tiny hand stitches on the very back middle of the neck band. I wanted to do this, as it will keep it in place, rather than riding up and moving all the time. I have a bought one similiar to this cardi and it annoyingly does move all the time. …. just don’t ask why I haven’t dealt with that previously. I’m sure there must be a logical reason, somewhere! Jersey drapey cardi


Here’s a fun little video I did of the cardi.

Enjoy all you stitch!



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