Karen Lewis Textiles’ screen printing class

Squeal! It’s real!

I know you might be finding this tedious now but sorry/not sorry. I have yet more exciting news about the studio. I have only just finalised arrangements for Karen Lewis to come and do a screen printing workshop at Stitchscape.

That’s right; Karen of Karen Lewis Textiles‘ fame.

At the studio!

In Newton-le-Willows!

In the same room as me!

Oh come on! If that’s not squeal-able, what is?!

I might be slightly OTT but it is exciting and this is exactly the sort of activity I set up the studio for in the first place. To make it a place to be inspired and inspire others.

Karen has only just this month also had her very own fabric line made called Blueberry Park. It’s not available to buy at the time of me writing this, so here’s some tasters for you. There are 7 ‘color stories’ but here’s just two of them –

blueberry park bright colour story Robert kaufman Karen Lewis designed Blueberry park - screen printing workshop

Check out her instagram account – Karen’s brilliant on there; it’s a perfect medium for her.

I’ll keep it brief. There are 6 places .The cost is £75 per person. The date is Saturday February 27th. The location is Stitchscape. The times are 10-4. The dress code is scruffy/don’t care if you get paint on it kinda stuff. The interest levels are high. The non-refundable deposit to be paid at the time of booking is £10. The remaining £65 is to be paid by January 15th 2016. Please. Email diane@stitchscape.uk to book your place and get payment information.

What to expect of the day?

Fun. Laughter. Inspiration. Creativity. Treading out of your comfort zone in a safe and encouraging environment. Time-out. No stress. No worries. Oh and more of the fun stuff.

It’s not for you if…….

You don’t like paint on your fingers. You must wear your hugely expensive, one-of-a-kind diamond laced shoes for all your crafting and will sue the pants off me if they get dirty. You can’t give yourself permission to relax, enjoy and unwind in the company of ladies who are doing exactly that.

There you have it. Possibly not as short and to the point as you’d like but you’ll get over it.

From a soooo excited Diane x

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