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Hello everyone.

Oh dear, hasn’t it been such a long time since I did a blog post. So many other business type things take my time, such as planning, prepping and making things for workshops and then all the finance side of things and internet stuff. The latter has so much new stuff for me to learn and this website is definitely a huge learning curve for me.

Anyhow, excuses over, here’s a fab thing I’ve just learnt about. I absolutely love Instagram, as it’s such a visual medium and on there, I’ve seen several of these flipagram videos for a whole range of topics. So, not one to be outdone and loving a challenge and something shiny, new and bright, I decided to give it a go. I take loads of photos of the projects I do, so that I have them to hand if I want to write up instructions. The whole thing was fairly easy to set up (and that means it must be easy, as I’m no techie wizz kid) and I even got to chose the music to go with it and where to start the music from etc. A whole pile of choices were available to help me really individualise my video.

Tonight there’s a patchwork class at the studio. All this year I’ve done these sessions based around blocks with stars in. October’s class is all about the trailing star. I’ve had a few doubts about how exactly to spell it but think I’ve now got to stick with one L, as ‘him indoors’ does tonnes of crosswords and says it’s one L. Sometimes I do have to listen to what he says!

So my video shows some of the stages gone through to make my block and it shows some of the pattern variations possible, using just the exact same patches as my star. I just love that flexibility half square triangles present us with, including the use of colour to it’s utmost impact.

I suspect this will be the first of many.


p.s don’t forget to try and make at least one yourself after seeing this. Watching is fine but action is cooler! 😉 If you don’t know how, let me know and we’ll see about helping you do it, perhaps at next month’s class.

Diane  x

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