Screen-printing available on the NHS

Wow! Wouldn’t it be great if the title of this post was actually true?! But alas, I hate to disappoint you but I even doubt private cover will let you go to craft classes as part of their service, although don’t get me started on that political issue, as I truly believe crafting does have healing benefits; especially for depression and stress related illnesses. So so many people re-find their love of crafting after an illness.

…. Oops, I did warn you I could go on about that!

Right. Back on track.

On Saturday February 27th 2016, Karen Lewis came to do a screen-printing workshop at the studio and this post celebrates that day. It was definitely a day to remember fondly and for us all to celebrate how much fun we made it. You can have the best tutor in the world but if the attendees don’t ‘play ball’ and behave with enthusiasm and respect for each other, then it can all fall flat. That was not a problem on Saturday; everyone was delightful and gained so much from the day. There was a male in the session too, which I’ve never had before, so I was a bit nervous but do you know what? He really added alot to the day. He balanced all us females out and he was such fun with his great sense of humour.

I wasn’t the only one who felt that way either. One lady emailed me with these comments:

” heartfelt thanks for such a great day today. There was such a lot to learn and I’m so pleased with the results. Thanks for all you did to make it happen.”

Another lady tweeted:

lovely, sew inspiring, great ‘try this at home’ techniques

Now I’ll let the photos tell more of the story.


To see more of Karen Lewis’s work or to order her books and kits, visit her website

If you fancy having a go at screen-printing with Karen at the studio, then please let me know, as this session sold out in a weekend and I plan on having another session at the end of September/beginning of October. There’s only room for 8 people. Email me at to confirm your interest.

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