A small local business doing meaningful work for enthusiastic stitchers

My goal …

…with Stitchscape is to continue to build a unique and sustainable small business, which allows me to do meaningful work; make a difference to others who love stitching of all kinds; help people find their creativity for their own benefit and to the joy of others, and earning a living whilst doing so. It’s a goal which can be achieved with your help. I’m not doing it just for me. I could sew for hours and hours on end in my back bedroom, if I just wanted to sew myself. I would love that and it would be a million times easier. That lacks connection with a creative community though. I love being around people who are passionate about all things crafty/creative. I feed off their inspiring deeds. If you follow my social media posts you’ll see hundreds of photos showing such a wide range of projects ladies have made – Facebook  , Instagram or Twitter

Perfection doesn’t do it for me.

People do. People like you who see the wonderful benefits sewing gives you in your busy life. Even if you’ve only managed to sew one project this year. It’s not a race to complete the most projects in a year. When push comes to shove, nobody cares how many things you’ve made. They are most affected by seeing your enthusiasm and joy for your project/s. It’s about quality of life, not quantity of ‘perfect’ sewing projects. It’s all about the enjoyment you get from life and how you share that with others.

Invest in your life

This goal of mine has definitely cost me an investment. In both time and money. That’s fine. I knew that was the case when I started. Without my partner Chris, aka ‘him indoors’, none of it would be possible though. I used some inheritance money to get me off the ground but he has topped me up whenever required, saying he just wants me to be happy. I love him so much for that but a business needs to stand alone. I want to make Stitchscape stand alone. I am so close to that now. It’s that light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s the passion coming to fruition.

To harness that energy I’ve felt and seen the benefits of, I’ve made changes to the studio’s work schedule and to the pricing.  Every business has to adapt and stay fresh to survive. I’m no business expert but I know that much from my own experience and from the training and advice I’ve received over the years. The studio has been open for just over two years (since February 2015) but I’d been planning and researching it for a long time before then. Now’s the time to open up to adjustment and sustainability. Streamline activities.

beginners to sewing collage of projects

Sewcial sessions

Since the whole concept of Stitchscape is that it’s an escape place to stitch; a social haven for local stitchy, creative folk, I’m placing my focus on that as the core of the business.

  • From July onwards, there won’t be any private sessions. I’ve spoken to the ladies involved in that difficult decision. I need to manage my time and efforts to avoid me burning out completely. If that happens, the studio closes. End of. I will be using Mondays to work on my new Etsy shop, selling table settings and dining room decor. Fridays will be used to do all the social media work required to market the business and to write newsletters and all other admin work required. I am a solopreneur. There isn’t a team of back up staff. I clean. I buy products. I market. I do finance. If it happens, I do it. That will change in the future, once these developments I’m making have the positive effect I want but for now, it’s me. I do have a family life too and that has suffered with all the hours I work/learn/train/network/research etc. This new work schedule will help me be more effective in what I actually do do, rather than me doing everything to a lesser standard. I am but one person and I want to feel pride and satisfaction in my work. That can’t happen if I spread myself too thinly.

Are you worried about what the sewcial sessions are?

The positive side effect to this change is that those ladies can join in with other ladies in the sewcial sessions. They’ll get to see that everyone has the same insecurities about their projects. They’ll see that not everyone is ‘better’ than them. Everyone goes to those sessions to enjoy escape time. It provides them with ‘down time’ to sew and relax from their hectic lives, where so many demands are placed on them. I’m still there to provide help and instruction when required and the other ladies are there for exactly the same thing. It’s an environment of respect for all and help and be helped attitude. This will mean that the sewcials have more people in them and therefore everyone benefits.

New prices

Day time sewcials 10-4p.m = £15

Evening sewcials 6-8p.m = £7.50

These are still very reasonable prices in today’s economy. Where else can you get 6 hours of use of a space, with drinks included, instruction, help, guidance, social club and inspiration? I mean; you can’t spend 6 hours in Costa for that little! The value you get from that £15 adds so much to your life in both a creative and social way.

All one-off workshops are priced individually. There is a block of crochet sessions due to start in September with Sally ‘Icancraft’ and  quilting with Westalee rulers coming up in November with Laurel Byrne, as well as screenprinting with Karen Lewis.

Small yet effective

That’s it. Not complicated. Not big changes. Just little tweaks to help keep the studio offerings straightforward, affordable and fun, whilst offering me a sustainable work/life balance which I can love and benefit from too. Win/win!

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