We’re so so close


 It’s about high time I started putting blog posts on this ‘ere site.Stitchscape is on it's way

There’s tonnes of work going on in the background to get the studio up and running. I’m certainly having an adventure meeting all sorts of different people and doing things I never thought I would be doing. All exciting mixed in with a fair dollop of scary, if truth be told.

The news about the studio is that I’ve signed the lease and I’ve opened a bank account! All a bit scary but things have to move on regardless of my nerves. Everyone is mostly helpful though, so I just have to remember to ask when I have anything I’m unsure about.

What drives me on is that I’m so looking forward to sharing a sewing space with other people who love sewing and want/need to share ideas and skills.

To have a proper cutting table.

Huge adjustable cutting table

To have machines out permanently, so I can quickly turn to each one as required.

Even to have an ironing board out permanently will be fab, as I won’t have to go downstairs, get it all out, check nobody is in the lounge where we normally iron and then pack it all away afterwards. I can just walk across the room to the ironing board and get on with things.

A practical yet pretty ironing unit

Not sure if I should admit to dreaming about owning an ironing unit like this or not. Surely everyone does?!!

To have a place where we can relax on a sofa and have a break and a natter with a cuppa. Perhaps do some hand stitching if required.                                      Fuschia coloured sofa

A place I can do my City and Guilds work undisturbed by household stuff.

A proper place to sew instead of using the dining room table all the while and constantly having to tidy up when the kids need it.

and and and and.. so much great stuff 🙂


Take a look at my Pinterest board for some of the lovely ideas I’ve seen. Follow Diane’s board Craft studios which inspire me on Pinterest.

So excuse the lack of perfectionism with the site and just think of all the happy times ahead doing what we love in the studio.

If you have any ideas or want more information, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m open to allsorts of different ways we can make this studio work for us.

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