Be still, I said!

On Friday, everything looked good. I finished sewing the Craftivist banner during hand-stitch Friday, with the hand stitched phrase; ‘be still a while, the energy created is marvellous’. I posted it on Instagram and on Facebook, sharing my happiness with it being finished, although it’s not a complicated intricate project or anything like that. I just wanted to share the message with people. There might be someone out there who needs to hear this right now. Someone might be trying to achieve 101 things right now and thinking that they’re meeting themselves coming back.

Hand stitching encourages us to be still

The Craftivist Collective states that:

We believe craft can be a tool for gentle activism.


By using the quiet, reflective time it gives us to explore global issues and how they affect the world around us, we can create something beautiful, considered, positive and potentially world-changing.


Join us, together we can change our world, one stitch at a timeā€¦”

Indeed on Friday evening Bronwyn and I were putting the educational system to rights and several other things. We may well Hand stitching helps with the importance of being stilldisagree on certain things but most things we tend to feel the same. It doesn’t matter; we still discuss them whilst doing whichever stitching we’re onto. Sometimes there’s just the two of us, other times there’s three or four talking and sewing around the table. Either way, the important thing is the ‘talking together’, face to face, whilst doing something relaxing, using colour and thread to create something we want. Don’t get me wrong; we don’t meet up to discuss high political and social matters. Infact, far from it.

We meet up to relax.

To unwind after another busy week.

To rejuvenate our energies ready for a full and enjoyable weekend, with any luck.

The talking just happens and wanders over all sorts of subjects. So much more free flowing and satisfying than internet chats. The reason I chose to have hand-stitching (that includes, knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, embroidery – the full gamut) scheduled for most Fridays was to create an excuse/reason to be still. To let go of the week’s stresses. No sewing machines running to increase the energy level and possibly tension, if we make a mistake whilst using it. No action packed movies. No blaring t.v or radio. No pub full of rowdy people there just with the intent to get drunk. There are times when that sort of energy is what you’re after but maybe I’m not at that age anymore. But in truth, it’s never really been what I enjoy; other than when I was at university maybe.

I actually started writing this blog post on Saturday after finishing the little banner but today; being the day I wanted to publish it, I had a rubbish night of virtually no sleep and I’ve been flat as a pancake all day and had to cancel a couple of clients at the studio. For that reason, I’ve had to make adjustments to it. I’m now quite irritated with having to be still. Choosing to be still and having to be, are quite quite different kettles of fish. I do not recommend a sedantory life at all. What I’m saying, is that within the realms of a busy, active and productive life, we do need to take time out for calmness and just to be.


Or we wear ourselves out and cannot be productive at all. Even if you’re just 26. We all have different ways to get that stillness but one of my easiest to obtains ways at the moment is to hand stitch. When I was a teenager, I lived on Anglesey and used to take myself off to the beach to my favourite rock and just watch the sea for a while. It’s hard to do that in Warrington!Gaining stillness by sitting watching the sea

Today though I have had to do the compulsory stillness because I’m unwell. Bloomin’ typical, after me being so positive about my banner on Friday and now here I am feeling guilty for being so lazy all day and hardly done a thing. I had also commented on a friend’s post on Facebook. She had postedĀ about having a pyjama day and I had said about how important those days were. Here I am now being in a very similar situation and can hardly take my own advice! How ironic is that?!

Anyway. This has turned into a much longer post than I had intended but hopefully if you’re having a down day or can’t sleep or whatever has brought you to this post, that it helps give you the reassurance that rest isn’t lazy. Rest is essential in a busy, fast moving life.


Let it happen with peace. Seek it out.

Diane x

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