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To end the year with successes is always a goal but when starting a new business, it can’t be guaranteed, no matter how hard you work or wish for it. In some ways I was lucky and in others my success was down to me letting go of fear and getting on with it. I have mentioned fear before and I will continue to do so. So many things have happened this year which could have led me to give in/surrender to the fear of failure but I doggedly carried on believing in my big dream (and will continue to do so) and I’m so happy to have got to where I am now in the business’s life. Some people have an ‘ow’ outlook and worry about what they haven’t achieved yet and feel that they should’ve done. Others like me, focus on the ‘wow’ outlook and celebrate how far they’ve come and what achievements they’ve managed. Outlook is within your control for so many things.

One of the highs I’m referring to is the studio’s appearance in December’s ‘British Patchwork & Quilting’ magazine. That happened because I promote the business on The Sewing Directory I think and also that I had a specific web page for it, with photos included. Those event pages aren’t quick to do for me, yet (hopefully with practise, I’ll get more efficient) but can clearly reap benefits, when people are searching for particular things.  I got an email asking if I wanted the ‘lone star’ patchwork class to appear in the magazine, I said ‘yes’ and “Bob’s your uncle, Fanny’s your aunt” (that’s a ‘localism’ for those of you who aren’t from these parts 😉 ) It was that easy. You have to be in it to win it.

December Patchwork and quilting magazine article about StitchscapeStitchscape's success with an article in the December 2015 Patchwork and Quilting magazine

The other high for the end of the year, was my part in a feature in the Woman magazine; December 15 issue. What a scoop that was! I happened to be on Twitter, which isn’t that often as I don’t really ‘get it’ and I saw a post by someone asking if 2015 had been ‘their year’. After all the things which have happened to me this year, that definitely hit a note. I’ve started the business and  the enormity of things that has meant for me and my family; I’ve turned 50 and I’ve been on a fantastic long holiday to Australia. Yer, that counts as ‘big’ in my books.

After replying to that initial ‘tweet’, before I knew it I was getting emails from editors and photographers organising a day’s photoshoot in London! Whoa! That wasn’t in my goals for 2015 book but boy what an opportunity for me personally and for Stitchscape. I did a phone interview with a reporter and the photoshoot was on November 25th. What a fun day it was and I met some lovely ladies who were also in the same feature; one of whom had published a book and Julia McInally has released her own album, ‘Flying Solo’ which I can highly recommend.

The Woman magazine Diane Warburton featured

Such a shame Lorraine looks so fed up!

Stitchscape in the Woman magazine

I remember my mum reading the Woman mag when I used to return home after high school and always wondering how on earth those women got to be in a national magazine. Now I know! It’s women seizing an opportunity, stepping out of their comfort zone and enjoying the experience.

Women exactly like you!

2015 will have been bad for some of you, as of course have several years been for me in the past but there are always, always positives to be had and things to help you be proud of yourself  and carry you forward.

I’ll end my final 2015 post with something mushy yet meaningful. Dream big, take fear on and be as positive, patient and persistent as you can,  to make your life happy for you. L’Oreal make it seem naff now but really, truly, you are worth it!


Diane x


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