Thanks, thanks and more thanks

Yes indeed I have so many people to thank for the successful open day we had yesterday. I was so chuffed with the turnout and the great atmosphere created by them.

I initiated the day and did all the prep work and promotion work but so many people made it the lively afternoon it was.  You can sometimes do all that work and the day just doesn’t work out. I know, it’s happened before. This event felt different for lots of reasons. I know more of what I’m doing now for a start! Time has also passed and given people a chance to find out about the studio and word of mouth has worked it’s wonders. I’m a one woman band but I now feel that I have the backing of so many more people who want the business to succeed, as they gain so much from it. It’s way more than me now. Here’s a video to give you the slightest taster of the day.


Now to attempt to tell you about the people who helped the day along brilliantly.

My daughter

My 18 year old daughter was there but more out of duress than choice, as became clear but she’s not into crafty stuff at all, so that’s no surprise really.  And we were a room full of ‘mature’ women, talking sewing, so that’s fine. She was given the job of photographer, but that didn’t happen. Hey ho, you can get the staff but maybe not the willing daughters.  I just wanted her there for selfish reasons really, as she left for New Zealand today and I wanted her around, as I know I’m really going to miss her. She did help make some brews for people and help set up beforehand and tidy up afterwards and she has to live with me, so she pays the price.

Him indoors

‘Him indoors’ was brilliant with putting up with me getting stressy sometimes over organising things. He came along to Costco with me for more coffee and tea etc. He helps me whenever I need things doing in the studio, like shelves being put up etc, as he is allowed ‘outside’ occasionally too!


Clare from Thread Head fabrics was there selling some fabrics, patterns and sewing inspired jewellery. She’s a treasure and said she really enjoyed chatting away to people about the projects they would be working on with products they bought. She runs an online fabric store, so she appreciates real time with stitchy folk. Clare also made the cakes- my faves were definitely the raspberry topped chocolate cup cakes, although the lemon drizzle came a close second.


Some of the ‘Finish-a-long’ club let me display several of the projects they had worked on in the first 6 months of the club. We even had Sally’s hare sitting on the coat stand, amongst many other projects. Gill had her kimono on show, which had taken her less than an hour to make, on the morning of her holiday, when she realised she didn’t have one! Gill’s sister came along too and told me about her creative project. Jan bought some of her upcycled fabric jewellery bags to show too. Linda came along with one of her daughters too – it’s so good to see families encouraging their creative members.

Escapee Guild

The wall hangings are fantastic! They represent so many hours of ‘creative down time’ for those women. That is powerful enough in it’s own right.That time is special to all of them I believe. It provides it’s own ‘escape’ time; even if you’re just escaping from watching constant sport on the tele! Each one shows how that person tried out a new technique on the small 8 x 10 scale, therefore developing their skills and hopefully enjoyment of creative time. I would love to know that it improved their confidence too – that’s always a good thing. I didn’t put names next to the hangings as some people are very self-conscious, which makes the fact that they let me display them, even more special!


Without Christine we wouldn’t have had as many brews either, as she let me borrow her urn for the day. So so much easier than doing the kettle every time!


Sally was there with some of her gorgeous crochet work and talking to people about the new crochet for beginners sessions, which start in September. She runs her company I can craft

Maybe you were there

Lots of familiar faces came to check out the quiz and the fabric and have a nice couple of hours on a sunday afternoon. I had some really funny answers to the quiz and that’s brilliant! It’s all meant to be fun after all! Marks given for creative thinking!

Many people were brand new to the studio too and wanted to find out what exactly goes on. You can all read social media and websites etc but actually going along to a place really helps clarify things.

Even people who live nowhere near here have sent me messages of support and other locals have shared my social media posts even if they couldn’t make it on the day.


So in some ways I am a one-woman band but the studio only works when I have the back up of people like these who helped me to provide a fun afternoon out for several women.

many thanks from Stitchscape

Take care out there

Diane x


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