The open day – September 2017

We had the second open day of the year yesterday and it was another fun afternoon. This post serves as a little insight to the time we had and what was available and on display.

Click the image below to view a video slideshow of some more photos from the day.

It is a very brief overview of the fun we had at the open day. It doesn’t show the ladies who enjoyed touching (and buying) Thread Head fabrics; it doesn’t share the giggles; it doesn’t show the hours of work that was spent creating so many wonderful projects on display. What it does do though, is show you that this is a bright and colourful stitchy place for locals to enjoy. As an open day it embeds all that I hold dear – a ‘sewcial’ event for us to meet other ladies who enjoy doing our hobby too. That creatively connected community is what I work hard to grow and develop.

I got 7 new people signed up to the mailing list, which doesn’t sound alot to you maybe but when you consider that only a maximum of 6 can sew in the studio at one time, that’s a really good amount. I’ve also noticed that the Facebook page is now up to 600 likes. That to me doesn’t really say alot because with Facebook being what it is, I wouldn’t mind betting half those people never see my posts at all. That is why these blog posts are more efficient use of my time really, as people who read this, are really interested.

The sessions at the studio and these open days and visits to sewing shows etc, is where the real creative connections happen. You have to actually be somewhere to get the full benefit of it. That is the whole reason why the studio exists. It’s not for everyone, as some prefer to stay at home and watch Youtube. A mix of lots of activities is the best way to develop your skills, enjoy your stitching and feel connected to a community of like-minded people. We all have issues to overcome. We can help each other through those by talking through things whilst making something pretty/cool/amazing/sassy/cosy/practical.

Alot of it is about us giving ourselves permission to play. Just one day a month  even of allowing yourself time to create, anything at all, can add so much value to your life. Yes, YOU! Not the kids/ hubby/partner/parents/neighbours/pets.

You get my drift?

Gosh, I need a timer, I could talk about the benefits of such a sewing club for hours!

Any questions, get in touch and let’s give you some time out to enjoy learning or developing your hobby and your community base at the same time.


Thanks hanging heart decoration    from Diane from Stitchscape in her Cleo dungaree dress    to A mannequin dolled up with pom poms

for helping me with this small, local creative business. Your support is vital for us to keep this space going.




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