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This post is all about one wall hanging. Not just any wall hanging created by me but one created by the fabulous machine embroidery group at the studio. I’m about to tell you how it was inspired by the Queen’s 90th birthday today. The ladies involved were Maureen, Janet, Carol, Marie, Christine, Jean and I. We meet once a month to use our brilliant embroidery machines; to chat and to really make a difference to each other.

A few months ago we decided to make a joint project – we started off with each of us buying the Quilt swirls 2 package from Kreative Kiwi embroidery. We selected red and white fabric bought from Janet’s A Rainbow of Stitches website, as it needs dramatic colour contrast to make these stand out. We had a lovely time, stitching two different ones out each. Once we set them together on the cutting table, we thought that they could definitely be Tudor Rose-esq and with all the talk of the Queen’s 90th birthday at the time, we thought that that should be our starting theme. So that helped us decide on the binding colour i.e navy. Thankfully Jean had some spare with her – how uncanny a happy coincidence was that?! It turned out to be exactly enough for the front sashing and the binding. I love it when that happens.  Machine embroidery royal inspired wall hanging




I did the sashing inbetween meet-ups. The navy on the front with a mixture of red and white for the back. I was not at all happy with how that went and did much unpicking.Quilt swirls designs look very Tudor rose-esq to us

I was dreading the June meet-up but the ladies soon got me back on track and they ran with the idea of putting the white flowers with red buttons in the intersections. Gotta love a flower and a button combo! A few of us helped to do those whilst others were doing the text for the top of the wall hanging.

Progress on our wall hanging inspired by the Queen's 90th birthday

Janet took charge on her amazing Brother Dream machine to do the scanned signatures for the bottom panel of the wall hanging. We each did our signatures on some paper, Janet scanned it into her machine and it stitched it out (if only it worked that easily in real life!)  She’d never done it before, so it was all trial and error and the ‘zoom-in-erers’ will notice that one of the set of two signatures is upside down. Are we bothered? No. Well, yes, Janet was but the saying at the top says it all for us. As long as there’s opportunities for us to try again ‘together’, that’s what’s important in all this. Those are our signatures – if that doesn’t make this quilt personal to us, I don’t know what does. Oh, and Christine’s personal dna contribution, should really go unmentioned! 😉

Machine embroidered signatures on fabricc

We chose the saying that we did as it represents what the wall hanging and our group is all about. ‘It’s not about the pieces but how they work together’. This country is not all about the Queen but she does help give us a figurehead to form a single image of unity for us. She’s worked her whole life for this country and her personal situations haven’t always been easy; especially for her father and mother.  We can also say that despite my imperfect sashing and a few other ‘faux pas’s’ this wall hanging looks fab hanging proudly in the studio. Also our little group is made up of special, strong, vibrant, lovely lovely women who come together to create fun projects and make a connection with others.

Now come on. That’s pretty bloomin’ fab!

A wall hanging inspired by the Queen's 90th birthday         Our machine embroidered wall hanging inspired by the Queen's 90th birthday








Happy birthday your highness and long may you reign and long may our machine embroidery group keep going strong too!

Diane x

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