The week that was – July 31st 2017


I’ve been back from my hols just over a week now and there have been three days of sewing activities at the studio. These ‘the week that was’ posts, are another way for people to catch up with different things which are happening at the studio. Not everyone is a fan of social media and even if you are, it is impossible to see everything you like and follow on there. ¬†Since I see my main role as a person who is facilitating group sewing, for the benefit of people who see the value in joining in creative activities with other women, then share I will!

Stitch and natter

On Tuesday, the ‘Stitch and natter’ group were in the studio during the day. They used to be called the Patchwork Pals but such a variety of sewing techniques are actually used, we decided to go for Stitch & natter, to more clearly reflect what goes on. Workshops are by their very nature, restrictive in what you can do, as there is a group aim in what is going to be achieved/learnt. The sewcial sessions, are free of all of that. You sew what you like, as fast or as slow as you fancy, with as much or as little perfectionism as you choose. There were 6 of us on the day. My projects aren’t shown but some of theirs are here for you. Some were ‘show and tells’, so please don’t think that they were all sewn on the day! You definitely don’t crochet two blankets in one day!

sewing club cheshire stitch and natter

Tuesday evening sewcial

I totally forgot to take any photos this night, as I was busy helping the two new ladies, Jeanne and Julie to settle in. Debbie was there too working on a new dress pattern. These evening sessions run from 6-8p.m ish and cost ¬£7.50. We have one on a Thursday evening too. At the beginning of each month, you tell me which sessions you can make and you book and pay for those. You don’t have to book every session, if you know that you can’t make it on certain dates.

Thursday sewcial

In this session, there was just two Christines! What are the chances! One is my mum and one is like a second mum, although she’s not old enough, as she made me some fairy cakes with strawberries for my birthday which was on the day after. So so kind. This video shows ‘not my mum’ using her new presser foot. It has those red lines on it to help her line up an existing line of stitching with one of those. That means that her sewing will be equal distances apart every time. There are other ways of achieving this but I really like this foot. I will be buying one for sure. If you want to do a search for one, it’s called a parallel stitch foot .

Finish-a-long club

The first session of the current batch of the Finish-a-long club was held on Saturday. Each batch runs for 6 months and you make a commitment for that whole time. One Saturday a month. In this new batch there is a lady called Maxine; she is lovely and fit in really well. I admit, it can be a bit stressful to go somewhere on your own for the first time. No worries on that score thankfully this time. Six of us sewed and chatted for six hours and had a lovely rejuvenating day, doing what we love. Cool!

Finish a long club cheshire sewing club

A new week

I hope you have a great week and get to have down time doing stuff you enjoy to help refill your vessel.



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