Two years in


A birthday cake made out of fabricYes, that’s right! I’m celebrating two years of having the studio today. 2 years ago I got the keys for the studio, after what felt like a very long time, loads of work and a tonne and a half of stepping out of my comfort zone and up into that role of studio owner.

The keys!

Feb 6th 2015 - the day Stitchscape started

Yesterday, ‘him indoors’ and I had a bit of a move-around in the studio. I had been feeling for a while that it wasn’t working quite the way I wanted it to. Too many of my projects all over the place (no surprises there and nothing new) and it was feeling unloved I felt. We’ve made a start on rectifying that.  Mr. Pixar lamp has come back home and is in the back bedroom where I’m sat right now.  He was never used, as thlighting in the studio is pretty good and he wasn’t needed, other than as a bag holder!

I’ve also moved the tea and coffee shelves – that’s what most will notice first, I bet!

Last week I got two new rolls of wadding ready for sale. One is the usual 80/20 wadding and the other is thermolam. I got the thermolam as I had hoped it would be firmer for my wall hangings; to hold them straighter. I’ve also moved a chest of drawers into there, as my daughter has also been changing her room around and the chest of drawers were ‘going begging’. They need painting etc but they’re fine for now. I still want a toy box/ottoman type unit to hold the sewing machines but it’s a continual process, same as our homes are. There’s never enough space or money for everything but we can do our best to make it as good as possible.


Belinda's clam shell project

Belinda’s clam shell project was started today.

I had hoped to take photos and a video of what the studio looked like today but I had three one-to-one sessions, so that didn’t happen before the awful dark and rain came. How great is that to be able to say though? “Too busy with clients” to be able to take photos for a blog post! Love it! Two years on and I can say that about several days a week lately! I’m taking less and less photos, as I’m just too involved with the sewing, chatting, inspiring, organising fun eventsetc

Running a business

I know the social media things are necessary to keep promoting what happens in there, so that I can attract new lovely people but I also want to just enjoy our time in there. Running a small business can be bloomin’ tough, as I do everything from cleaning to accounts, to marketing to sales and website building – the whole gammit! Alot of people think I just sit and sew all day everyday but all small local businesses now that’s just not the case. Running a profitable, successful creative business doesn’t just fall in your lap. I’m passionate about it though, so I’ll keep at it until I bust, using all the help and support I can find, receiving it gratefully. I will always be able to sew.

Stitchscape studio in the sun

It was lovely and sunny in the studio on Friday morning, so this is the latest photo of it pre-changes yesterday.

Him indoors!

Do I want your sympathy? Yet again, the answer is no. It’s worth working hard towards a goal. My goal is to have a thriving creative, stitchy, crafty community around me and try to make a living out of that. I’m a long way from the ‘making a living’ bit but I’m alot closer now than I was two years ago! It’s all about mindset and having the strength and support to keep going for your dream. I ramble on alot about ‘him indoors’ but without his support none of this would be possible, so he’s not all bad! 😉


Thanks must go here to you! Yes you; sitting there reading this. Thanks for reading my ramblings on my blog. Thanks for attending sessions at the studio and supporting me in my aim to get a proactive, vibrant sewing community for this area. If you’ve yet to visit and enjoy all the benefits of being creative amongst other ladies like you, then sort it out! Get on the blower. Connect on Facebook etc, email me etc and find a way in. Inclusion and respect are key in my philosophy, so don’t worry about that.

Susan had her very first sewing lesson with me today, so I’ll end with her words:

I really did enjoy my first base lesson.

See you next Monday.


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