Valentines is not just for the young

Valentines day is upon us.Valentines quilt for the elderly made with donated fabric from Carol Wilkie

This month I was given a pile of fabric by a lovely lady called Carol Wilkie and her singing, stitching friends. Check our her instagram profile. I’ve never met Carol, yet she so kindly offered a very large bag of fabrics for us to sew projects for the elderly and sufferers of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

fabric donated by Carol Wilkie on Instagram in Jan 2017

What inspired me?

I had no plans on making this quilt but when I looked in the bag Carol sent, it just sent me in that direction. The ladies had included a lot of cut fabric hearts and also a load of rows of chequer board patchwork pieces. My head went into creative mode and I was led to think of a lady who is now a prolific stitcher called Vicky. Vicky was one of the very first visitors to the studio, when she had only been sewing a few months. John and Pat are her parents and they have been together and in love for at least 50 years I think and helped raise three kids. Without revealing too much personal information, they have their struggles to deal with in their twilight years but still have so much love in the family they have created. Vicky is a nurse and does so much to help others and has recently become a foster parent. I reckon those reasons, and many more besides, made me think of this project.

chequer board patchwork donation which has been sashed

Typical me, the fabric and the idea only came to me within a week of valentine’s day, so pressure was on and all other things had to go out of the window. First of all I sashed the chequerboard strips together, then I wanted to add some of the hearts in the project, so I added the borders with the cornerstones, which were perfect with hearts on the fabric design too!A blanket stitched heart on the valentines quilt for the elderly

Get in! I was really loving sewing this by this stage, as everything seemed to be falling into place.

Calm required

Vicky had intended on coming to help applique the letters for John and Pat’s names but had just had a short-term foster child to care for over the weekend, so that wasn’t possible. I cut the letters on my Cricut die-cutting machine and spent some lovely time blanket stitching the hearts and the letters.

blanket stitched letters on the valentines quilt for the elderly

Letters blanket stitched for the valentines quilt for the elderly






I really needed that relaxing activity to do on that day too. There was drilling going on in the room next to the studio which was stressful. There was alot of noise, dust and cold. The front door of the building was left wide open at all times, to try to clear the dust. In February, that makes it very cold!

The last stretch

The valentine quilt made from donated fabric. Valentines for the elderlyThat was the top of the quilt done. Then I had to consider the backing. Since it’s for an elderly couple, I thought it’s more likely to be used as a lap quilt. I knew that I had some blue fleece fabric but had no idea how much of it I had. Was I over the moon when I put it on the table and then placed the quilt top over it! Kerching! The quilt top fitted perfectly on it, with room to spare! Oh yes indeed, I did a happy dance then! I didn’t have time to go shopping. I would’ve had to use plain cotton if that wasn’t enough and that would’ve spoiled the project for me.



Tags on the valentine quilt for the elderlyA friend called Karen Gist donated a bag of a zillion different types of ribbon. Please check out her blog too, as she is very talented in her field too. I added a hearts one and a blue one, as well as a Stitchscape tag for that little extra touch.

donated ribbon by Karen Gist donated ribbon for the valentine quilt. Karen Gist donated ribbon from Karen Gist

I ‘bagged out’ the quilt and proceeded to quilt hearts randomly all over it. These stood out quite well I thought on the fleece back.

A quilted heart on the fleecy back of the valentines quilt for the elderlyquilted hearts on the fleecy back of the valentines quilt for the elderly


Job done! A smile on my face and a feeling of satisfaction of having created something I love for Pat and John. I’ve never met them and maybe never will but I do hope they like it.



Valentines quilt for the elderly made with donated fabric from Carol Wilkie

Take care out there and remember to call in on any elderly couples you know and wish them a happy valentines. They’ll enjoy the visit and perhaps talking about when they met; reminiscing. This stuff matters.


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