Vulnerability, shame and oh yes, the biggie; fear


Now this isn’t a post you were expecting I bet. To be honest, it isn’t quite the post I came on to write either but things happen for a reason, so I’m being brave and running with how it’s going. I couldn’t sleep when I got into bed tonight, which is unusual, as normally my ‘I can’t sleeps’ happen around 3/4/5a.m. I’ve been so impacted lately by women who struggle with coming to the studio because of reasons they put forward as their ‘I can’t come becauses’. There are so many reasons found to stop them allowing themselves to enjoy some creative time in the bright and colourful space, which is Stitchscape. Those aren’t only my opinions; they’re the words used by so many people who come to share the studio with me.

Digression – I really must get some testimonials on this ‘ere website. It’s on my to-do list, as I know how important they are to reassure people but hey, I’m just like you; there are so many things on my to-do list of important things. If it alays your fear though, then I need to put it on higher priority.

Stitchscape studio on 19th October 2015

The studio as it was on the morning of Oct.19 2015. Taken by my daughter, without my knowledge or I’d have checked everything was ‘ok’. She doesn’t have those silly worries, as she just sees that the place looks great anyway! Fear can stop me in so many ways.

My word for this year is courage. I have a banner up which I stitched out on my embroidery machine. It stands at the back centre of the studio, in a very prominent position between the two main windows. It’s been there since February when I first got the keys for the studio. I have needed and still do need courage in the bucketsful to have started this business and be running it now. It’s worth facing my fears though to enjoy the creative environment I’ve placed myself in.

Courage to be creative

I plan for this post to be the first of many about this word/emotion; fear. I’m not anti-fear as it does have it’s uses sometimes; I’m more for the making it work for us and keeping it under limits. You can feel so great when you break through your fear barriers and make something you love and so do others. So we can’t eliminate it but we can enjoy giving it a run for it’s money.

One of the reasons this post is as it is, is because I ‘happened upon’ this podcast by Elizabeth Gilbert on her website – when I came onto the laptop to write my post about fear. I can’t tell you anything new but I can try and make it relevant to our situation with the studio and all stuff stitchy and socialising. That’s my goal for the posts to follow on this topic.

Let’s hope either my future posts or Elizabeth Gilbert or Brene Brown or whoever inspires you, can help us to face our fears of whatever they are and get enjoying a creative community in real life, not just on this ‘ere internet.

Take care out there


P.s I’ve taken the comments facility off this blog, as I was driven to distraction by stupid spammers since it started but if this post resonates with you, then please do send me an email or start a discussion on Facebook if you’re feeling brave.


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