What is a Sewcial Session?

Hello there

Here’s a quick post for you if you’ve wondered what on earth a sewcial session is when you look at the workshop calendar for the studio.

In a nutshell, a sewcial session is a time when you can use the studio for whatever sewing you like.

But that doesn’t half cover it.

We have a a group of ladies who come over from Liverpool to spend some time together sewing, crocheting, knitting and alot of drinking tea and chatting. A sewcial session means that you have the light and colourful space available to make whatever you like. There is equipment you can borrow. There is advice you can get. There is inspiration you can give others. As you can see just from this short snippet, there is a wide range of things you can do during a sewcial session.

N.b So sorry for the poor viewing area of the video. I forgot to film it on landscape mode, so those terrible black borders are there again.

It doesn’t matter how many different types of workshops I put on, I can never possibly satisfy everyone’s ideas for projects.   Most of the workshops I run are technique based, so that you could make whatever you like with them. Once you have the skills, your choice of project increases dramatically; you gain in confidence and you get excited about new ideas for sewing. It is fun after all.  The sewcial sessions give you the chance to escape away from the dining room table (where most people have to sew); the back bedroom (where I used to have to sew); the kids (always risky having needlecraft tools lying around); the sound of sport on the tele whilst ‘him indoor’s watches it (or is that just me?! ). You escape away to a light and colourful, happy space, where you can share your woes perhaps, share your achievements for sure and generally leave feeling better about life, the universe and everything. Your creativity does that. Once you give yourself permission for the time out.

Stitchscape sewcial session Jan

This is the hook case Sara started in the afternoon

Sewcial session at Stitchscape

Here’s Sara with the crochet hat she made in a jiffy at her latest sewcial session

Sewcial session at Stitchscape

This is Susan with the lovely cardi she started making at her last session at the studio and finished at home

You have so many places to get inspiration from these days with Pinterest and Youtube and the whole internet ‘out there’ for you to browse through.

Do you know the big issue though?

You may have boards and boards of such a huge variety of things you could make. But it’s not exactly satisfying seeing a photo of a pretty dress you’d like to make, is it? What will bring you joy is to make time to create those fab things; so you can be in the photo wearing that dress yourself!

You can buy as much fabric as you like and hide it, so ‘him indoors’ can’t see it but you know what?! You can’t see it either and neither can anyone else! You don’t need more fabric, you need to give yourself more time to actually make things with it.

Now THAT’S what sewcial sessions are all about!

See you there soon

Diane x

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