Hello and welcome to the Stitchscape website

The idea of Stitchscape stitching studio is to be a place to escape away to, to stitch to your heart's content before returning, refreshed, back into the full swing of family and work life.

Sewing studio near Warrington

Give-it-a-go Crochet class

A place where people know your name.  "Hello Diane"

Where people praise you on your latest stitching project. "Congratulations; that's beautiful hand sewing"

A place where people help you out when you don't understand a stitching pattern. "Yes, I can help you with that"

A place to hide your latest fabric/wool purchase in the lockers - I sure hope no husbands or partners read this! 🙂 Order from the internet and get it delivered to the studio - job done! 

A place to giggle with others when we make daft mistakes. "lol, I've just sewn all the way down this quilt and the bobbin thread ran out at the top!"

A place to get sympathy when you cut through the sleeve of the lovely dress you're making - and plenty of tea and biscuits to help you calm down. "oops, not great, but I know a way we can salvage that"

A place to get extra help after going to an amazing workshop elsewhere, where you didn't manage to finish the project. "Show us what you've done so far, I did something like that last year"

Does this sound appealing? Do you fancy being a fellow escapee? Read on to find out how.

Enjoy the journey.

Here's a brief video update of what the studio looks like in October 2015 on a lovely sunny morning.

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