Hello. I’m afraid the studio is now closed for business but please feel free to browse around and see a few of the things we got up to. Mainly the blog now. I will try to keep some of those posts going but for now I’m taking a break from all things computer based with the business and figuring out, where to from here?  Thanks for any support you gave the studio during it’s three year life. Fingers crossed for a bright, successful future, still in the sewing business hopefully.

Do you want to know what exactly a sewing studio in Cheshire means?

Did you love watching The Great British Sewing Bee because of the great friendships the contestants formed together whilst sewing?

Are you fed up of having to clear your sewing off the dining table before every meal?

Do you want to learn to sew in a friendly, airy, spacious room with a relaxed, fun atmosphere?

Do you need space to pursue your sewing hobby?

Want to have a social sewing hangout?

How’s about some patchwork & quilting fun?

Do you live in the Newton-le-Willows; Lowton; Golborne; north Warrington areas or even further afield as you’re drawn to the bright, colourful space?

Do you think sewing involves having magic powers?

Right.                                                         Stitchscape - a sewing studio in Cheshire for sew-a-holics to sewcialise

Sit down.

Grab a tea/coffee.

Clear the house of housework, kids, partners, friends, spaniels. Oops, I might be being a bit ambitious there!

In all seriousness, read the  workshop-calendar-2017 to see which sessions appeal most to you or go directly to the workshop calendar page to see the flashier ‘shop front’ version. Any questions at all, please do pop me a line, as although I am proud of what I’m achieved on this website, it’s certainly not a specific talent of mine, so it has flaws. As the saying goes, ‘if you never never ask, you’ll never never get’. Well, it might not be well known but it’s what I say.

There’s always the blog posts too.

If you want to see ‘what’s what’ at Stitchscape for real, then pop me a line at diane@stitchscape.uk and we’ll organise a visit for you.

Happy stitching!




  1. Sheiagh Picton says:

    Are you still teaching?

    • Stitchscape says:

      Hello Shelagh and thanks for your message. Stitchscape studio has closed and I don’t currently have teaching spots due to a very difficult few months personally but back in November I was asked to start at Blacksheep Wools in their fabric section but due to my circumstances, that has been delayed. I do hope to get back in the swing soon. If you’re on the mailing list for my newsletter, you’ll hear all about it there. If not, I could add you manually if you like if you use the contact us page of the website or email me directly.

  2. Marie Lavery says:

    Morning, my own questions about the long arm.
    I assume we come to you obviously the machine can’t be moved
    How long would you think it would take to quilt a double size quilt.
    Roughly how much, I know you are just researching at the mo but an idea would be helpful
    Do we bring our own threads
    I’m sure my collegues from Cornerstone Quilting in Liverpool will have more questions.

    • Stitchscape says:

      Hi Marie. Thanks for getting in touch. My direct email is diane@stitchscape.uk if that’s easier for future messages.
      Yes the machine would live here in the studio. Before you could use the machine it will be necessary to give you an hour’s one-to-one training which will be about £25 (all prices are not confirmed yet). Then when you’re ready, you hire the machine at a cost of about £15 an hour. I will be at the studio of course for any help required whilst you’re there. The cost includes the thread, as I want to make sure people aren’t hindered by poor thread choices. Also if people are new to long arm quilting, they won’t know which thread is best. I also plan on running group training sessions, to teach people how to use the groovy boards and/or pantographs on the Simply 16. Quilt art is also something I really fancy getting into using the machine but it’s very very early days with that yet.

      The length of time it would take to quilt a double quilt, all depends on which designs you choose. If you want intense quilting with lots of variation, then it will take alot lot longer than if you choose free flowing large designs. It will also take you longer for your first few quilts, as it will be new to you. Once your confidence and knowledge improves, then you will manage them alot quicker.

      I also have fabric bolts which are quilt panels, which mean that you just do the quilting and don’t have to worry about all the work involved in the piecing first. A great opportunity to ‘free yourself’ from the pressure of worrying if your quilting will ruin all your hard piecing work. I will be making full kits with those as soon as I get time, as I have the bolts of fabric and wadding all ready to go. I will also be teaching for those kits using a normal domestic machine too. I really want to take the fear out of quilting and make it fun and even relaxing!

      Lots of quilting plans, I just have to get all the necessary financial planning sorted and organise times to create the kits and plan lessons.
      Wish me luck!

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