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Hi. This site is under development by me. The best way to find out more is to visit my Instagram or Facebook pages  via the link lower down on this homepage or email stitchscape@gmail.com 

There'll be sewing groups, all kinds of patchwork workshops, kits and quilt patterns. They're all in the making right now! 

Stitchscape is based in the North West of the U.K, especially in Liverpool and on the Wirral. I am currently teaching at LoveStitch in Heswall and very soon Merseymade will be opening. I mean very soon. This first week in November we are starting to set up.  I will have a studio/shop there along with 9 other local artisans. There is also a workshop room where I will be holding sewing workshops and sewcials - see that page of my website for the latest sessions. Get in touch to book any you fancy, possibly a taster session for starters.

A colourful patchwork piece, with cross hatch quilting

Custom Orders

I will be making items to sell in Merseymade. If you want anything personalising by me stitching names or events on my projects, then get in touch and we can make it happen. 

There will be sewing kits to enable people to make their own versions of some of my creations.

 If you want some company whilst making any of those kits, there will  be workshops in the training room. 

A modern woman using a sewing machine to stitch a fun project

Machines and Materials

I'll have at least one sewing machine set up in my studio and a whole range of sewing tools, fabrics and haberdashery. You can watch me make things and gain an inside into how the magic happens. With any luck, I'll inspire you and/or your family to enter into the fab world of stitchy doings. 


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Let us know how we can help!

Do you have a question about my products or my process? Send me a message, or give me a call. This is a place for sew-a-holics and people who have an inkling that sewing might be their new joy. 


Merseymade. L1 3HE, Liverpool, United Kingdom


These are the opening hours of Merseymade. I am not there 7 days a week.

Open today

10:00 – 18:00

Monday - Friday: 10am to 6pm

Saturday: 9am to 7pm

Sunday: 11am to 5p.m

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